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Blue and White Elastic Headbands have arrived!

Royal blue and white headbandAre you ready for Game Day?  Does your favorite sports team wear Blue and White?  WHY US?  Why buy our headbands?

Wear our Blue and White Elastic Headbands whenever you want to support your favorite team!  Will keep your hair out of the way as you jump up and scream for every point they make!

This Blue and White Elastic headbands pack includes six headbands – three blue and three white.   We include six because some customers like to layer them til they get the right fit, tightness and width!  Some customers just like to wear just one of them at a time.  Some customers like to wear them in multiples with other colors!  These headbands allow you to choose how you want to make your fashion statement and are guaranteed to get noticed!

As with all our elastic headbands, our Blue and White Elastic Headbands are washable and reusable!  They maintain their stretch for a long period of time because they are made of high quality imported cotton elastic!  Yes, all our headbands are made here in the USA with only the best cotton elastic available today!!!

You know what I like best about the headbands?  They do not have any metal or rubber on them causing your hair to break when they are put on or removed.  I have fine hair and love them!  They  are considered ouchless!  Easy on and easy off makes a huge difference in the time it takes to style your hair.

You will find they are reasonably priced too!  They are not available in your local retail or drug stores!

Also note, due to the size of the headband industry, finding the right high quality elastic headbands can be overwhelming!  Remember, Elastic Headbands Org has been designed as a one-stop resource to answer all of your elastic headbands needs.  To learn more about the owners of Elastic Headbands Org visit ABOUT US!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER – We are not a part of any school system or team.  For more info, please visit our Copyright Policy.

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