We DO NOT recommend placing any of our headbands in washing machines as they may get caught in the machine and rip apart.  We recommend hand washing with cold water and Woolite detergent for best color results.  To dry, place over your sink faucet or a door knob (in other words, hang to dry).

If headbands are tight, you can stretch them by doing the above, but instead of hanging to dry, place them around a bowl larger than your head and let them dry completely.  You may have to do this multiple times.

For our leather headband line, just spot clean the leather with alittle soap and water.  You should see great results.  Wash by hand the elastic portion as stated above.

IN ADDITION, you can always spot clean our headbands with a Tide stick…works wonders!!!

Please do not hesitate to contact us through this website if you have any questions about the care of your headband!

Happy Headbanding!