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Comments on our Elastic Headbands!

headband fallsWe have received many comments and great feedback on the Fabulicious Elastic Headbands!

We are always so happy to hear from our customers and their feedback regarding our headbands!  Please feel free to comment anytime on our website on how you use your Fabulicious Elastic Headbands, how you like them or not like them, etc.

Some comments we have recently received on our Facebook page and through friends who have purchased the elastic headbands are as follows –

They are very soft and did not mess up my hair!  Love the baby pink color!  Thanks so much!  – R Camplin

My daughter wants a pack of all the different colors, please!  I am wearing mine at the beach today & she loves it! – L Angell

We have over 400 likes now on our Facebook page!  Please visit and LIKE our page!

We offer many ways of purchasing our elastic headbands all online!  You will not find these sold through other vendors!

If you would like to purchase a pack today and place the code “FREE” in the comment section, we will ship them to you for FREE if you reside in the United States!  Click on the SHOP tab at the top of our website to order!!!  And please leave us feedback!!!

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