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Excited about our Red White Blue Braided Headbands!

red white blue amazon

We are excited about our Red White Blue Braided Headband!  We are ready for Game Day or to celebrate America!  You might ask WHY US? Why our headbands?

Our Fabulicious Headbands are made of high quality nylon elastic with a small strip of silicone on the back side of the headband to make it a NON SLIP headband.  Even with fine hair, like I have, I like this headband because it does not rip my hair out when I take the headband off.

The Red White Blue Braided Headband comes one headband in a package.  Of course, the colors are red, white and blue.  Imagine wearing this headband to your next patriotic party like July 4th!  Or even wear it to cheer on your favorite sports team.  If you like wearing red, white and blue, this headband makes a great addition to your fashion accessory closet!

Some of our customers have asked what to do if they get this headband dirty?  You may wash this headband by hand in a sink with soapy water, rinse and lay it flat to dry.  I use Woolite on most of my delicates and headbands.  Also, you can spot clean the headband, that works too!

The Red White Blue Braided Headband is wonderful at holding your hair out of your face whether you are running, jumping or just hanging out.  I’ve seen similar ones used in many sports like cheerleading, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, golf, yoga and so on, so on.  It is very similar to the Under Armour headbands out there but a whole lot less expensive.

We look forward to answering any questions you might have about this headband and would love to do business with you.  We would be happy to do team orders or even custom color orders.  Please contact us for more information.



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