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Keep your headband on your head!

Variety Elastic Headband by Fabulicious Elastic Headbands!Having trouble keeping your elastic headband on your head?  WHY US?  Why use our elastic headbands?

Our Fabulicious Elastic Headbands do not have any rubber, silicone or metal to help hold them in place.  They are flat on both sides and sit nicely on your head.  They are soft and stretchy, made of cotton elastic, which is why I always forget I’m wearing them!

While doing some research today, I found a very cute video on how to keep your headbands in place.  Ours would work for this young lady as they are flat on both sides and do not roll off your head.  Her solution would work with ours if you want them to be fixed in place.  We also recommend wearing more than one to get the right tightness for your head.  This is the reason our elastic headbands come in multiples.

Check out the video and please feel free to leave us comments!  ENJOY!


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