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Where may you wear our elastic headbands? Ideas?

EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE!  Wear our elastic headbands out on the town or to the gym or to your favorite sports event or, or, or…WHY US?

Just relaxing with my computer today and thinking about places where you may wear our elastic headbands.  Did not want to write a book so I’m going to make out a list to get you started thinking…

1.  Gym – exercising, running, cycling, basketball practice, cheer practice, gymnastics, walking, weight lifting, yoga, indoor sports of all types.

2.  Figure Skating/Roller Skating

3.  Tennis/Ping Pong/Badmitton/Raquetball

4.  Basketball/Baseball

5.  Soccer/Football

6.  Golf

7.  Let’s just say all sports that you might do!

8.  Sporting events – show your team spirit by wearing your team colors!

9.  Sports competitions!

10.  While cleansing and using skincare products on your face, putting on makeup, etc.

11.  The thin ones can be used as ponytail holders if you double them over.

12.  Out on the town, driving in a convertible or with windows down to hold your hair!

These are just a few places which I thought of, do you know of other places?  Please comment (make sure your comments are clean and topic related with no links).

Remember, we are here to help you with your elastic headbands needs!



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