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Announcing New Fabulicious White Elastic Headbands!

White Elastic HeadbandIntroducing our new white elastic headbands!  Soft and stretchy!  Multiple uses!

Our white elastic headbands are perfect for using alone, wearing in multiples or layering with other headbands or ties.  We have found the more of these you wear (layering), the tighter they feel.  Start with one, then add another and so forth til you get the right tightness!

The white elastic headbands come in a pack of six.  They are washable and definitely reusable.  With NO metal clasps, these headbands are considered ouchless!

And yes, you can wear these as hair ties or bands by doubling them up til you get the tightness you like to hold your hair in a ponytail!  The white elastic headbands are extremely versatile and will hold those fine hairs out of your face.  Also, use them to make your own fashion statement!  Match them up with different colors and be ready for compliments!

White Elastic Headband Pack by Fabulicious Elastic Headbands!





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