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A MUST HAVE – The Fabulicious Red Green Black Braided Headband!

This is a Must Have – the Fabulicious Red Green Black Braided Headband.  From Soccer to Softball athletes, we’ve been told they love to wear these headbands!

The Red Green Black Braided Headband comes in a tri-color band of red, green and black.  This headband is a must have if you play a sport or are a sports fan.

Get ready for a soft comfortable fit with a flat back and a small strip of silicone to make it NON-SLIP.  Did you know this headband is washable?  We recommend washing by hand and laying flat to dry.  We like to use Woolite to wash ours in.

We have customers with fine hair who love this headband!  No matter length or texture of your hair, this headband is wonderful and as said before, a must have! Stay focused and Stay Stylish!  Why not try it on today?

Fantastic for young athletes and anyone who loves to cheer on their favorite teams!  Our customers wear them in the following sports – softball, basketball, soccer, track, golf, tennis, volleyball, cheer, pom, dance, gymnastics, skating, yoga, bowling, badminton, golf, track & field, pilates, aerobics, cross-country, skateboarding…hitting the gym to workout or out on the town, you will love this headband!  It is a top choice for many college and competitive sports athletes.  Also, worn to sporting events to show team spirit!



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