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Trouble keeping headbands on?

We sell NON-SLIP headbands but those without the silicone backing may slide some when exercising or your headband might not fit exactly how you like it.

Try this for wearing your headbands –  spray hairspray on your hair first to give it more of a grippy texture.  Do as the video shows in this post.


If you cannot see link, Click on the link below for video –

No more slipping!

We want you to be happy with you purchase and knowing how to wear your headband to keep it from slipping is very important.  Usually, if you will place the headband right behind your ears, it will stay in place especially if it has a silicone backing to it.  Our cotton elastic headbands will stay in place if you wear them this way.  In addition, please know that everyone does not have the same size head so look for sizing prior to purchasing them.  Our headbands come in a variety of sizes and this might be just want you need to have the perfect fitting headband.

Remember, these make a great gift for every girl or lady in your life.  They love to wear them to keep their hair out of their face and are wonderful for anyone playing sports like soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, cheerleading, track and field, golf, yoga, aerobics, exercising, basketball, skating, skiing and so on and so on.